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Legend '70s

The LEGEND '70s introduces the new concept of MODULAR STAGE PIANO that allows you to customize the instrument according to your needs. The superb sound quality, thanks to the unique VISCOUNT PM (Physical Modeling) technology and the accurate response of the keyboard, combined into a portable instrument of the highest quality.

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The new LEGEND '70s offers an unprecedented ability to customize your instrument with several Sound Modules equipped with state-of-the-art Sound Generators, including physical modeling. The Modules can be easily positioned and swapped on the front panel, according to your personal musical needs.

Currently the following modules are available to enhance the piano, while others will be available in the future in “Always Growing” family.

SOUND MODULE E.Piano Sound Collection A.Piano Clavi External
Sound Generation Technology Physical Modeling (PM)

High Definition
Sampling (HDS)

High Definition
Sampling (HDS)

Physical Modeling (PM) Control Module for external devices and Master Keyboard fuctions
Polyphony (MAX) Full 128 128 Full
Sound List

8 E.Pianos (5 Rhod, 2 Wurl,

Pad, Strings, Choir, Brass, Keyboard, Organ, Bass, Guitar, Bells,
Marimba and Other sounds

8 Acoustic Pianos 2 Clavinets (with Control buttons)

Legend ‘70s Artist enhanced with A.Piano,Clavi and External modules.

Legend ‘70s Compact enhanced with A.Piano and Clavi modules.

Aanvullende informatie

Aanvullende informatie

Compact: (Sound modules: E.Piano, Sound Collection, Free Slot 1, Free Slot 2)
Artist / Artist-W: (Sound modules: E.Piano, Sound Collection, Free Slot 1, Free Slot 2, Free Slot 3)


Compact: 73 Keys, Hammer action, velocity sensitive with triple sensor
Artist: 88 Keys, Hammer action, velocity sensitive with triple sensor
Artist-W: 88 Keys, Graded hammer action, wooden keys, velocity sensitive with triple sensor
Touch Sensitivity Very light, Light, Normal, Hard, Very hard, Fixed


Physical Modeling (PM): E.Piano module
High Definition Sampling (HDS): Sound Collection module
Full: E.Piano module, Clavi module
128: Sound Collection module, A.Piano module
Sound List
E.Piano module: 8 E.Pianos (5 Rhod, 2 Wurl, E.Grand)
Sound Collection module: Pad, Strings, Choir, Brass, Keyboard, Organ, Bass, Guitar, Bells, Marimba and Other sounds


Program Mode 16 Banks with 16 Programs each (256 Programs)
Nagalm Yes, with Room, Hall, Stage, Plate, Spring, Tape
Modulation Effects Tremolo, Vibrato, Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Wah-wah, Amps, Rotary, Delay, Equalizers, Compressor


Song Mode 9 Lists of 40 Songs, 4 Sets for each Song
Master Clock Manual, Tap-tempo, Midi
Master EQ Processor 3 bands (with programmable parameters)
Transpositeur +/- 12
Splitsen Each sound module can be assigned to a programmable keyboard zone. 2 zones in Split Mode with a programmable Split Point


Bedieningselementen Modulation Wheel, Pitch Wheel
Aansluitingen Main Audio Out L(Mono)/R, Aux Audio Out 1/2, Audio In, MIDI In/Out, USB to Host / to Device, Foot Controller 1/2, Foot Switch 1/2, Sustain, Program +/-, Headphones
USB voor DEVICE Load and save data on a Pen drive, Battery charger
USB naar HOST MIDI over Usb, AUDIO over Usb
Display Main display 128x64 oled


Optional Piano Metal Stand, Softbag for Keyboard, Softbag for Stand
Afmetingen (BxHxD)
Compact: cm 112 x 18 x 47,5 / 44” x 7” x 18,7”
Artist / Artist-W: cm 133 x 18 x 47,5 / 52,3” x 7” x 18,7”
Compact: Kg 16,2 / 35,7 Lbs
Artist: Kg 18,8 / 41,4 Lbs
Artist-W: Kg 19,5 / 42,9 Lbs




The new VISCOUNT LEGEND '70s stage piano, designed and engineered in Italy, provides incredible expressive capabilities with a customizable interface in a perfect portable solution. The combinations of easy-to-use powerful sound modules in a compact and vintage cabinet offers to exigent musicians an instrument without any compromise.


The LEGEND ‘70s introduces, for the first time, the concept of MODULAR STAGE PIANO. According to your needs, you can now choose the right combination of sound generating modules with dedicated knobs and buttons. Currently the modules ELECTRIC PIANO, ACOUSTIC PIANO, CLAVI and SOUND COLLECTION  are available, while many others will be available in the future, within the “ALWAYS GROWING” family. Moreover to the standard PROGRAM and EFFECTS modules an optional EXTERNAL DEVICES module is availabe to making the instrument flexible and very powerful.



The design of the LEGEND ‘70s Hammer Action Keyboard perfectly matches the instrument's sound generators. The 3 contact sensors, under each key, are able to detect the corresponding movement with the highest precision.

For the more demanding musician the LEGEND ‘70s Artisit-W also offers a graded hammer arrangement where their weight becomes lighter as you climb up the keyboard.

In addition, as with the traditional acoustic grand piano, the Legend Artist-W keyboard is enhanced with real wood piano keys. These keys are made of carefully selected and seasoned wood to eliminate any defect or deformation and provide maximum uniformity and stability over time.


The LEGEND ‘70s is equipped with a full set of modern connections.


The piano controls are powerful and easy to use. There is the EFFECTS section where you can control the Reverb and a wide range of Modulation Effects, while in the PROGRAM section, with the support of a clear display, you can change different functions of the instrument. Moreover, in the Extended versions, or as optional for the Basic versions, an EXTERNAL module is available as interface for external devices (expander, computer, ... ).


Each module installed in the LEGEND ‘70s piano has its own sound generator specially designed to reproduce its sound set. This arrangement gives a great advantage over the whole instrument polyphony, avoiding the "sound generator processor share" that affects all the competitors sampled pianos  when many sounds are played in at the same time.

The ACOUSTIC PIANO and SOUND COLLECTION modules are powered by HDS (High Definition Sampling) technology characterized by the detailed sampling of acoustic instruments and the ability to reproduce the entire dynamic range of each instrument.

The ELECTRIC PIANO and CLAVI modules are powered by Viscount's patented Physical Modeling (PM) technology which, through complex mathematical algorithms, is able to reproduce with absolute fidelity the dynamic and physical-acoustic phenomena of the electric piano, giving you the most expressive and authentic performing experience ever. Experienced musicians know very well that almost all pianos on the market, using the sampling technology, suffers from the "Slicing Problem", because, for specific groups of keys and dynamic range, they use the same sample! This approximation causes an annoying timbre discontinuity. Viscount PM technology does not have this problem at all, since, for each key and dynamic level, the sound is perfectly calculated through the precise mathematical model of the real instrument.


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